TJ Demos new picture
T. J. Demos. Photo courtesy of the author.

T. J. Demos


Celebrated writer T. J. Demos rarely leaves a seat empty at his talks on politics, ecology and art, often attending to decoloniality within nature. His most recent book addresses the occlusions embedded in the academic use of the term Anthropocene’ (human-caused planetary change) in shielding problems as opposed to opening inroads for change made accessible by artists.


T. J. Demos is an award-winning writer and Professor of Visual Culture at University of California, Santa Cruz and Director of its Center for Creative Ecologies. He writes widely about contemporary art, global politics and ecology and is the author, most recently, of Against the Anthropocene: Visual Culture and Environment Today (2017) and Decolonizing Nature: Contemporary Art and the Politics of Ecology (2016). Demos co-curated Rights of Nature: Art and Ecology in the Americas, at Nottingham Contemporary in 2015 and organised Specters: A Ciné-Politics of Haunting, at Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia in Madrid in 2014. He is currently working on a Mellon-funded research, exhibition and book project dedicated to the questions: What comes after the end of the world?’ and How can we cultivate futures of social justice within capitalist ruins?’


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