Sounding Provocations

Fri 21 Feb 17:45 — 22:30
Stedelijk Museum

The Academy opening features a wide variety of multidisciplinary interventions that are iterated throughout the evening, made up of audiovisual stagings, ritualistic performances and new installations, including a number of premieres and commissioned works. Exploring sound, kinetic and audiovisual art, the acts manipulate light, sound and movement while utilising innovative performance tactics to investigate acoustic phenomena, amplification, spatialisation and the resonant properties of the museum.

Ale Hop ph Janice Smith Palliser 2

Ale Hop

Anthea Caddy by Lucas VDV 1
Anthea Caddy

Long Throw: An Exploration of an Expanded Energetic System for Cello and Loud Speaker

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Consciente of the soul

Arnau Sala Saez
Ex Continent

Sistemes Dintre de Sistemes Dintre de Sistemes

Felicity Mangan by Miriam Otte

Felicity Mangan

Maika by Dries Segers
Maika Garnica

From Bow to Ear

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Malibu + Judith Hamann

B Wportret Julia Schmitz 6
Philip Vermeulen

More Moiré²

Sadaf by Lyndsy Welgos

History of Heat

Tomoko Sauvage HD WO Sx SONEG 2018 by Leo Lopez 09
Tomoko Sauvage


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