Maika by Dries Segers
Maika Garnica. Photo by Dries Segers.

Maika Garnica


Maika Garnica formed ensemble Sui Moon in 2015, which quickly extended from visual art into music. A similar synaesthesia afflicts the instruments she makes to feel sound. The instruments are largely breath-activated, after years of the artist’s playing trumpet, and often made of clay in sympathy with ancient and contemporary practices. In performance the oddly communicable language is warm and enhanced by the element of surprise.


Maika Garnica is a Belgium-based sculptor and musician who explores the relationship between the environment, spectator and artist. She often applies prototypes to comprehend the complex relation between form and matter while instigating the position of the body as a vehicle for social connection. Through various contexts, the nature of the work shifts spontaneously from sculpture to utilitarian object to sound installation. She has performed in different venues and festivals including Eastern Daze x Berlin 2019.



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