Arnau Sala Saez

Ex Continent
Sistemes Dintre de Sistemes Dintre de Sistemes


Ex Continent (Arnau Sala Saez) presents Sistemes Dintre de Sistemes Dintre de Sistemes – a live performance and installation enhanced with electronic sound and improvised live music, often looking at the effect of social context on human consciousness. This recent work unveils the relations within entropic systems in forming new structures as they pertain to audiovisual stimuli.

Arnau Sala Saez

Arnau Sala Saez is a musician and visual artist. His work moves between different formats that feed off each other, translating visual structures with sound and condensing the form into sound compositions. Through this habitat, Sala Saez builds a system in which elements are related around the same consciousness. His work under the name Ex Continent is usually presented through live shows in which he proposes installations where sound, light and image coexist formally and conceptually. His latest projects under this alias are inspired by trends that study the current social context and its influence on human consciousness. An imaginary then develops through the narratives that global chaos, excess and confusion provide. Since 2012, Sala Saez manages the platform anomia​.info to express these ideas featuring musicians, philosophers and therapists and more. 

Ex Continent. Photo courtesy of the artist.

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