Ale Hop ph Janice Smith Palliser 2

Ale Hop


Peruvian electronic musician Ale Hop’s experimental pop is threaded through with voice mutation and visceral electric guitar – a contagious practice that has nourished her fourth album Bodiless (2018). On Pitchfork, Julia Holter gave Ale Hop props for her pleasantly demented’ singing in identity-questioning songs released of the need to complete themselves, open to alien knowledge.

Ale Hop ph Janice Smith Palliser 2

Ale Hop (aka Alejandra Cardenas) is a Berlin-based artist, researcher and experimental instrumentalist from Peru. She composes electronic and electro-acoustic music, by blending strains of noise, pop, avant-garde, ambient and extended techniques for electric guitar and real-time sampling devices – a sound vocabulary to craft performances of astonishing physical intensity, layers of distortion and stunning atmospheres. She obtained her BA in Art History from the National University of San Marcos, Lima and MA in Sound Studies from Berlin University of the Arts. Her work has been featured in Pitchfork, Wire and Vice Magazine and presented in festivals like MUTEK and CTM.


Ale Hop. Photo by Janice Smith Palliser.

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