Zohar Highres 190529 103910



No stranger to playing Amsterdam’s dance floors, the talented and beloved DJ Zohar has only recently sent a 12-inch EP of her own out into the ether. Its bells and whistles are corked and cracked recalling early AFX, a clean Sunday outfit transgressive when worn at a no-time o’clock house party.

Zohar Highres 190529 103910

Amsterdam-based DJ Zohars productions incorporate industrial beats and atmospheric tracks rooted in the 1990s, recalling early Reload and AFX tracks and even some Sähkö. The DJ put out the 12-inch EP Zohar (2019) on her own DIY Zohar label with a wide spectrum of sound structures and complex moods varying from club-driven breaks to experimental electronics to ambient and dub. While firmly in the DJ game for some time now, having played Dekmantel Festival and De School among many others, this is her first release.


Zohar. Photo courtesy of the artist.

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