DBJ by Ting Ding

Speaker Music (DeForrest Brown, Jr.)


DeForrest Brown, Jr. is a New York-based rhythmanalyst and media theorist. Brown’s praxis Speaker Music takes over OT301 with a performance in which sound and gestural input create sonic paintings and other abstractions through live mixing.

DBJ by Ting Ding

Speaker Music is a digital audio and extended media praxis by rhythmanalyst DeForrest Brown, Jr. It is inspired by Rhythmanalysis, a book of essays by urbanist philosopher Henri Lefebvre as well as considerations of momentum and the chronopolitical’ from cultural theorist Kodwo Eshun. Mobilising free improvised electronic percussion and stereophonic audio recordings, Speaker Music yearns to caress, engineer and sculpt sentiment into a multi-textural rhythmic body, quivering the nexus event of the moment into a collapsed nonpulsed time’ towards a shared sphere of intimacy.


Speaker Music. Photo by Ting Ding.

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