KJDENNNM is a sound project by two Sonic Acts returning favourites, Mario de Vega and Hugo Esquinca, bringing a new composition to the 2020 Academy. In a gradual progression from temporal disarray to intricate rhythmic patterns, the performance is an interaction between code, voice, raw electronic signals, pattern-oriented structures and amplified (ir)regularities. The piece plays with tension and elasticity, irritating perception and investigating the physical effects of vibration.


KJDENNNM is sound artists Hugo Esquinca and Mario de Vega. They describe their electronic sound project as: A Traversal Act. An Overt Reaction. A Potential Adversity. A Viscose Pattern. A Sequential Disfigurement. An Indiscernible Cut. An Abrupt Spasm. A Vehement Apparition. A Continuous Contraction. A Tongue between Teeth.

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