Sound Methods for Environmental Justice workshop with Nabil Ahmed and Anja Kanngieser

Published on Jan 10, 2020

The workshop Sound Methods for Environmental Justice will be an introduction to interdisciplinary spatial, sound and listening methods used by advocates, artists and researchers Nabil Ahmed and Anja Kanngieser to address environmental racism, colonisation and ecocide in frontline communities. 

It will provide a conceptual and practice-led framework for participants to apply to the campaigns and projects they are active within. Over the two days, a real-time live sketch will be made by Ahmed and Kanngieser of how they approach specific sites of ecocide, and how they connect sound and listening to the composition of maps, and overall evidence collection plans that can be used to support environmental justice in legal or advocacy contexts. Ahmed and Kanngieser will discuss the importance of following community-led campaigns, cultural research protocols, composing appropriate forms of listening and attunement, fundamentals of spatial analysis, the ethics of working with frontline communities and ecosystems, identifying evidence, and most crucially, respecting boundaries, difficulties and silences. This sketch will be used to collectively imagine how it can be applied to participants own local contexts. 

A reading pack will be provided prior to the workshop. Participants are expected to be involved in an existing social-environmental campaign or project. 

To apply for the workshop, taking place 19 and 20 February in Amsterdam, please send a short motivation, CV and proposed campaign or project to discuss to workshop[at]sonicacts[dot]com. The deadline for applications is 8 February.

Participants pay a contribution of €50 for the workshop led by Nabil Ahmed and Anja Kanngieser. Lunch is included.

Photo courtesy of Nabil Ahmed
Photo courtesy of Nabil Ahmed
Nabil ahmed by Laura Alcalde
Nabil Ahmed. Photo by Laura Alcalde.
Anja Kanngieser by Norman Posselt
Anja Kanngieser. Photo by Norman Posselt.