SITOI by Javier Cerrada



SITOI’s Finnish love songs batter the heart with their banal disdain for the most grave emotion. Yet her tracks are the only person you feel like talking to right now. Words like eerie’ and otherworldly’ don’t do any justice to this voice and performative presence that attacks songs from every direction, slaughtering any attempt at a through-line with brittle electronics and distorted friction.

SITOI. Photo by Javier Cerrada.

Finnish artist SITOI uses performance art to manifest her eerie yet compelling visions of vulnerability, carnality and social structures through intricate poetry and serpentine choreographies. Her bewitching voice trickling through the speakers and her sinuous words skittering through the silence broken only by the dark and disjointed production send shivers down the spines of those in attendance. SITOI despises love songs, yet her 2019 EP Kyyhky is a five-track collection of them. In it, the fear of losing control and independence meets the conflict between animalistic instincts and the physical symptoms of falling in love. Banal surroundings like supermarkets, parks and living rooms are the settings in which SITOI’s wrenching love stories take place. Through prosaic lyrics riddled with intricate details and vivid metaphors, SITOI uses her native language to express sensitivity, endearment and surrender.


SITOI. Photo by Javier Cerrada.

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