Bod [包家巷] featuring Schwestern Sister Sw S group photo by Sanjin Kastelan
bod [包家巷] and Schwestern Sisters (SwS). Photo by Sanjin Kastelan.

bod [包家巷] + Schwestern Sisters (SwS)


Motivational speaker and electronic sculptor bod [包家巷] (Nicholas Zhu) presents game demonstration and audio-visual performance What If We Made A Video Game And It Was Like Dark Souls And All The Characters Were Artists (WIWMAVGAIWLDSAATCWA) featuring songs from his album Music for Self Esteem (2019). The visuals are done by SwS whose pretty/​menacing 90s-inspired graphics spike tracks dripping with self-awareness and its antidote.


bod(包家巷, baojiaxiang, Nick Zhu) is an audio-visual artist from Tucson based in Berlin who has released on Quantum Natives, Knives, Danse Noire and Yegorka. Their releases range from theoretical studies to abstract impressions of technology and its relationship to reality, with performances that move into the ever-dissolving boundary between art and the rest of life.


Schwestern Sisters (SwS) from Dubrovnik and based in Berlin is a digital media art collective and family business providing visual content for electronic musicians, labels and festivals started by sisters Marta Stražičić and Tea Stražičić. Multimedia artist Marta’s game engine, virtual reality and physics simulation software work has been exhibited at Animafest Zagreb and short streamed on Adult Swim. Tea is a multimedia artist who works with SELAM X. Her art, published in numerous magazines, was recently featured in a solo show at Pollansky Gallery in Prague.


Commissioned by KONTEJNER and Sonic Acts as part of Re-Imagine Europe, co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union. Based on work developed in residency at Wysing Arts Centre.


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