S280F / 011668 / vvxxii


Los Angeles-based duo S280F and 011668 transform space with intentionally difficult yet danceable sounds. Their 600 1 (2019) EP is noisy and footwork-inspired. High-end production and textured sampling holds up trap and pop mixes. Joined by ancient oracles vvxxii at Sonic Acts, the grotesque masks sported in performance heighten the mystery, with disturbingly good tracks that all but break it.

S280 F
011668 by daiki miyama
Vvxxii by Johanna Invrea

After 6,001 years in hypersleep, the symbiotic S280F / 011668 emerge from their calcified cocoons using sound, sculpture and dance to resurrect the remains of a decimated Los Angeles. Joined by the equally vague and ancient oracles vvxxii – the amphibious coven references the lost low-frequency technology of our celestial ancestors; both as a healing tool and portal towards the primordial depths of the next reality. Through digital swamps and climate catastrophes, S280F / 011668 / vvxxii encourage swimming in sync beyond borders and past language.

Bandcamp (S280F)
Bandcamp (011668)
Instagram (vvxxii)

S280F. Photo by 011668.

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