Body Vice by Al Overdrive

Lone Taxidermist


Offering gory visuals to stages like Jenny Hval’s, Lone Taxidermist’s (Natalie Sharp) music is silk entrails unspooling across the belly of a whale in breach; atonal triads implode into melodious chants and head-bobbing rhythms. In her performance BodyVice at Sonic Acts, the human body as instrument advances the understanding of chronic pain.

BodyVice embraces the body as sensory device. Each sense can be manipulated/​modulated and played like an instrument. A person is both superhuman and human-synthesis, anatomy coming to represent a process or modulation of how they can be played. BodyVice takes a biological and computational approach to sound art, investigating how chronic pain (experienced by the artist Natalie Sharp) can be communicated through hypermedia, combining the art forms of sound art, wearable and playable body sculptures, interactive video and performance. Sharp works alongside sound artist Tara Pattenden (aka Phantom Chips) to create electronic micro controller body-instruments (‘skinstruments’) and multi-instrumentalist and flautist Tida Bradshaw.

Photo by Tim Van Veen

Lone Taxidermist is an accomplished sound and stage designer, performance artist and make-up artist whose design practices converge around sound and the body. Lone Taxidermist is also the utterly bizarre and otherworldly ruptured activity generated by Cumbrian musician, costume maker, skin decorator, performer and natural provocateur Natalie Sharp. Her performances manifest icons and deities drawn from the corners of the (post)internet. Sharp channels cake-sitting’ and new dominatrix tactics wrapped in plastic and smeared in whipped cream. An effortless blend of songwriting, multi-instrumentalism or mastery of non-standard instruments like musical saw and theremin, stagecraft, costumes, graphic art, video-making, face paint, voice, remixing and DJing characterises her work. She has performed and created gory stage, costume and body concepts for Jenny Hval’s European tour, and worked live with Gazelle Twin as a performance artist and vocalist. Lone Taxidermist’s 2017 album Trifle is synth-pop electro fusion threaded with Sharp’s distinct vocalisation. 


BodyVice. Photo by Al Overdrive.

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