Meuko by nowhereashes 2
Meuko! Meuko! Photo by nowhereashes.

Meuko! Meuko!


Experimental music producer and performer Meuko! Meuko! inherits her irregular energy from Taipei’s muggy streets that motivate her samples and synthesizer notes. In a live performance at Sonic Acts, visuals by VR-specialists NAXS corp will capture the claustrophobic EP Ghost Island (Danse Noir, 2018), Meuko! Meuko!’s voice and traditional instrumentation rising through the grate towards something more airy, fantastical and clubby. 


Taipei-based artist Meuko! Meuko! is an experimental music producer and performer. Formerly a collaborator with a member of Goodbye Nao, she started performing solo in 2015, moving into audio-visual sets with visuals and installation by NAXS corp. Each performance combines improvisation with noise, clubbing and field recordings in ritualistic performances with sources tracing back to Taiwan’s spiritual landscape. Between Taoist gods and Buddhist ceremonies, the work evokes a cityscape with tropical humidity, its greenery enveloping the decaying concrete city blocks.



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