Reserve a ticket for soundwalk Drasland Stretch with Lag OS [secret location]

Published on Feb 10, 2020

Based on an outdoor collective listening experience, Lag OS’ soundwalk Drasland Stretch premieres at Sonic Acts Academy 2020. Bearing the rave tradition of secrecy, the location of the soundwalk will be revealed as a map point to the desiring revellers, from where visitors can access the soundscape and navigate the surroundings using their own earphones and listening devices.

This event is free of charge. Reserve a ticket by 20 February (limited availability). Location to be revealed before the event.

Reserve a ticket*
Friday 21 February, 22:30 – 23:00

Saturday 22 February, 03:00 – 03:30

*Please note: visitors require their own earphones and a smartphone equipped with a camera or QR-code-reading app.

Rubén Patiño (Lag OS) is an artist based in Amsterdam who incorporates club culture and contemporary art in electronic music. The communicative and emotional medium of sound assists in his challenging of the standardised formats of concert, public event and installation. As Lag OS (Anòmia, Haunter Records), Patiño, explores soundscapes in recreating artificial environments, muddling abstract sound with ambient and amorphous club music. He is part of N.M.O, a​‘Fluxus techno/​military space music’ unit that, together with Morten J. Olsen, presents in museums, clubs and festivals internationally.

Synthetic soundwalk
Drasland Stretch. Photo courtesy of the artist.
Patiño Lag OS by by Patricio Rivera
Lag OS. Photo by Patricio Rivera.