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Sonic Acts Academy 2020 Conference Moderators

Emma van Meyeren is a writer and DJ based in Amsterdam. Her work has appeared in Vice, Glamcult, De Groene Amsterdammer and focuses on feminist worldbuilding. She’s currently researching water metaphors in Astrid Roemer’s novel Was Getekend for a forthcoming volume on women and water in global literature published by Routledge. In 2018, she started the All men? Nein danke’ campaign to make a statement against the gender imbalance in the music industry. 

Margarita Osipian is a curator, researcher, and writer living and working in Amsterdam. Engaging with the intersections and frictions between art, design, technology, and language, she organizes collaborative projects both in formal institutions and in more precarious and fleeting spaces. Holding an MA in Media Studies from the University of Amsterdam and an MA in English Literature from the University of Toronto, her research has focused on visual culture, technology, and the carceral state. Margarita is part of The Hmm, a platform for internet cultures; a member of the Hackers & Designers collective; and an editor and curator for Versal, an art and literature journal based out of Amsterdam. She has done programming and curated exhibitions for the W139, Salwa Foundation, TodaysArt, Bits of Freedom, Tetem, Hackers & Designers, and Mediamatic, amongst others.

Mirna Belina is a member of the Sonic Acts curatorial team. She holds MA in Philosophy and Literature from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Zagreb University, and she also graduated from the Centre for Women Studies in Zagreb.

Sekai Makoni is a writer, speaker, activist and workshop facilitator. She is based in Rotterdam and is from the UK. Sekai’s work centres Blackness, colonial histories, faith, emotion and song. Her podcast Between Ourselves’ forms part of her practice. She is a graduate of the Critical Studies department at the Sandberg and most recently was the artist in residence at Hotel Maria Kapel. Her project explored rest, slowing down and guilt in relation to Black womanhood. Sekai co-runs the Hear Here project at Rietveld / Sandberg which is a dialogue and listening platform that offers trainings and events which consider the ways we speak across difference. 

Victoria Douka-Doukopoulou lives in The Hague where she graduated with a BA in Art Science from the Royal Academy of Art and The Royal Conservatory in 2017. She currently takes care of the archive of the Sonic Acts festival and runs the experimental publication and distribution project As a filmmaker, she gathers and assembles the invisible, the unthinkable, and the unappreciable, usually turning them into films and sometimes into bio-things.

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