Other Events: GIL, Know V.A., Zaïre Krieger and more confirmed for Progress Bar on 20 March

Published on Feb 27, 2020

Note: Due to the developing health situation, the Dutch government has decided to cancel events of 100 or more attendees up to and including 31 March 2020. This edition of Progress Bar has therefore been cancelled. We believe this is a wise decision and that it would indeed be irresponsible to bring our audience, artists and team together during this time. If you have already bought a ticket for the event we will contact you directly to arrange a refund. We will update you with information about future editions as soon as appropriate. In the meantime, please take care of yourselves and each other.


After Sonic Acts Academy 2020, a new edition of Progress Bar takes place at OT301 on Friday 20 March, with performances, DJ sets, films and presentations by artists and speakers including Chooc Ly, GIL, Ifeoluwa, Know V.A., pía ío luuuz, Yantan Ministry and Zaïre Krieger.

Presale tickets are now online, including a limited amount of €3 early entry tickets. 

The evening opens at 20:30 with artist talks and screenings, including Chooc Ly Tan’s Crepuscular Dreams of (Dis-) Alienation (2018) – a film that critically reflects on present-day considerations from the position of those who’s parents and grandparents directly experienced the colonial exploits of various European imperialisms – followed by a Q&A with its maker. In addition, there will be a presentation by journalist, opinion piece writer and spoken word artist Zaïre Krieger, a master and bender of words in any sphere – whether academic or creative. As a journalist Zaïre has written for Oneworld Magazine, Ms Motley, Dipsaus and the VARAGids, and as a spoken word artist she’s performed at Van Gogh Museum, TEDxAmsterdamWomen, as was a Spoken Word Awards 2019 winner. Human rights form the foundation of her work, in the personal as well as the legal.

After the talks, the programme continues late into the night with DJ sets and live performances by a compelling lineup of multifaceted artists. Chooc Ly is a French-born Afro-Vietnamese-Cambodian artist, DJ and producer. Not limited by a specific genre – but a penchant for infectious and audacious music. She also runs a club night called Décalé, a platform that puts on evenings of experimental, collapsing and flawless sounds and visuals. GILs DJ sets are a tightly woven, non-linear yet soaring experience of music’s potential to create new dance forms. His own musical output underlines a rich ability to experiment with context – notably, he has released two EPs on Danse Noire, a single on Country Music and most recently an acoustic EP on Yegorka. He also composed a score for Akinola Davies’ BBC production Black to Life, and has released edits and remixes on PTP, Mixpack, and Staycore. 

INTERVENTION founder Yewande Adeniran (aka Ifeoluwa) is a multifaceted artist, lecturer, writer, DJ, radio host, and head of record label ipaadi. As a DJ, they are known for their R&B club cuts, post-trance edits and is regularly found dipping into post-punk, UK techno, grime and gqom. Their monthly residency on NTS Manchester pioneered their favourite sounds, with everything from bubblegum internet music to post-trance and emo grime, pushing their love for internet subcultures to a worldwide audience. Amsterdam-based Know V.A. have shown themselves as an innovative and versatile DJ/​producer duo, who uniquely blend ecstatic elements from hard dance music with dark, brooding sound-design.

There will be an intervention by performance artist pía ío luuuz, whose practice is learned from different somatic techniques referring to the body, and whose relation to sound and sonic performance is derived from a variety of personal sources and critical approaches. Finally, Yantan Ministry has a folkloristic understanding of underground dance music and DJ sets, as well as in their own music. The tug of war between past and future is one of the forces in the creation and re-creation of sentiments they cater to in their sets. Belonging to those who engage with it, music that values variants and change – uncontrolled, driven, ecstatic. They self-released their Attacco Mixtape in 2018, and an interpretative piece on Swedish label Country Music in 2019, and produced commissioned remixes for artists including mobilegirl and Diamond Terrifier Cypher.

Coming for the talks? Buy a €3 Early Entrance ticket (arrive before 21:00) and get free entry to the club on top! Attend the Facebook event for the latest programme details.

About Progress Bar
Progress Bar is a monthly club night dedicated to communal desire and collective joy. Every episode starts with a 90-minute talkshow with guests talking about their work in art, music and social action, and the material conditions that shape it. After the talks we move into the club, and, having spent time listening to the artists talk, dancing to their music will be even more magical.

Progress Bar is a co-production of Sonic Acts & Paradiso and part of Re-Imagine Europe, co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.

We endeavour to ensure Progress Bar is accessible for everyone. While OT301 Studios is fully accessible, Cinema of the Dam’d is unfortunately only accessible by stairs. If you wish to attend the talks and have other access requirements, please get in touch to discuss appropriate arrangements

Queering Now 72 EDIT LIDIA
Chooc Ly. Photo courtesy of the artist.
Screen Shot 2020 01 30 at 16 17 11
Zaïre Krieger. Photo courtesy of the artist.
GIL Mobilegirl 01
GIL and mobilegirl at Sonic Acts Festival 2019, Paradiso. Photo by George Knegtel.
W482 1071882 Yantan Ministry
Yantan Ministry at Progress Bar, Paradiso. Photo by Pieter Kers.
SAF19 Yantan Ministry 1071865 Pieter Kers
Yantan Ministry at Progress Bar, Paradiso. Photo by Pieter Kers.
Style And Still 2021
Progress Bar at OT301. Photo by Amie Galbraith.