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Marcel Weber (MFO)

Artist Marcel Weber (MFO) makes A/V performances, stage designs, videos and installations in which old media meet digital compositions. The former Berlin Atonal director is known for his seminal work with everyone from Tim Hecker to fellow Sonic Acts participant Roly Porter to the Stranger Things soundtrack. His recent piece Nervous System 2020 choreographed by Guillaume Marie, provides powerful architectural atmospherics for world-renowned experimental musicians. 

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Marcel Weber (MFO) is a visual artist who directs audio-visual performances, stage designs, video works and installations. He is a resident experimental art and music event series, for instance, Berlin Atonal’s director for light and visual and long-time collaborator of Unsound Music Festival in Krákow/​New York/​Adelaide/​Toronto. His performances and installations are commissioned and featured at music and art festivals including CTM, Dark Mofo (Hobart) and MUTEK (Montréal) and many institutions in Europe, the United States and Australia. Recent projects of note are installation-performance piece Nervous System 2020, live performances with Aïsha Devi and with Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein on their Music of Stranger Things, and further collaborations with sound artists such as Tim Hecker, Ben Frost and Liz Harris (Grouper).


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