Helen Pritchard

Artist and geographer Helen Pritchard links writing and making. So much so that in one project the heat generated by a computer’s CPU as it learns to write helps grow marine algae. With her Animal Hacker’ figure, she brings in the idea of co-writing’ with articulate nonhumans as fundamental to understanding computation and its relation to capitalism. 


Helen Pritchard is an artist and geographer who is Head of Digital Arts Computing and a Lecturer in Computing (Digital and Computational Art) at Goldsmiths, University of London. Her interdisciplinary work brings together Computational Aesthetics, Geography, Design and Feminist TechnoScience. She uses writing and making to consider how computational practices impact engagement with environments. Pritchard is a member of the European Research Council-funded project Citizen Senseled by Dr Jennifer Gabrys on using physical computing and sensing technologies. Her PhD dissertation on Animal Hackers’ considered the entanglement of more-than-humans with ubiquitous computing. Pritchard has shown her work internationally at venues such as Tate Exchange, Transmediale and Arnolfini Online.



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